The Playground of Consciousness

Part 2: Expanding the Playground

We will talk about patterns as the fundamental components of the information cosmos, how they interact and are transformed through resonance, and how consciousness is the active agent in this process.

We will then bring this abstract theoretical framework into the world of matter. We will discuss a very general model of how consciousness uses different types of patterns to create matter. We will show how resonance helps organize the infinite choice of possible worlds.

Beyond the Whole

Science works by building models of reality using ‘ideal’ forms. Every real-world object is stripped down to its “bare essence” to make it conform to an ideal form in the model. In this introductory article for this week, I will argue that much can be gained by looking at concepts in an expansive rather than a reductive fashion. The true essence of an object lies in the infinite variety of its expressions, the very aspect western science strips away.

Patterns and Consciousness

The ‘stuff’ of the Kosmos, that which always has been, is, and will be, is information. We describe how you can look at everything as an information pattern or simply a pattern. We show why the expansive use of concepts proposed in the first section makes sense.

Consciousness then enters the picture as the action of the Kosmos. Consciousness has one function: to transform and organize information into new patterns.

Consciousness on the Physical Plane

Where the previous section was very theoretical, this last section is very practical. We will look at our own consciousness and how it uses different patterns to form physical reality. This has far-reaching implications.

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