The Playground of Consciousness

The word cosmology is derived from two Greek words: kosmos, meaning ‘world’ (the root means ‘beauty’), and logos, meaning ‘rational thought’. Cosmology, then, is essentially thinking about the world. Over the past 300 years, as the focus of science has been more and more on the purely physical aspects of Man’s world, cosmology has likewise been limited to the study of the physical universe. In this series, we will use cosmology in its original meaning of the study of everything in Man’s world, from the physical universe to his dreams, emotions, gods and civilizations.

About this series

The purpose of this series of articles is to introduce the reader to some new ways of thinking about the nature of reality, the physical universe, and Man’s place in it.

The common concepts of our established theories, such as mass, particles, fields, and energy are all creations of consciousness. They are what consciousness has been using to conveniently describe itself and its environment. Even such deeply rooted concepts as space and time aren’t absolutes, as we shall see.

The ideas presented here may seem rather speculative. Nonetheless, they are in perfect agreement with firmly established theories of physics such as quantum theory. They also provide a framework where psychic phenomena are a very natural aspect of life. Perhaps most importantly, they recognize the reality of our own subjective experience.

By having the courage to look beyond our physical universe, and to accept the validity and the reality of our thoughts and inner experience, we will be rewarded with a much richer world. We will ourselves move further beyond our physical selves, and expand our own experience. It is through our experience, individually and collectively, that we expand the experience of God.

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