The Playground of Consciousness

Part 2: Expanding the Playground

Consciousness on the Physical Plane

It is now time to see how the theoretical framework we built in the previous section can be applied to our own corner of the Playground: the physical plane. In the traditional model, fundamental laws describe the behavior of elementary particles, which evolve into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, human beings, and even into culture. In our model, this order is more or less reversed. The organization of this section reflects this new order.

The Patterns of the Physical Plane

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The Patterns of the Human Personality

When you want to walk to another room, you first imagine doing in so, o you imagine yourself in the other room, and then perform the action to actualize this situation. Whatever we consciously choose to do, we do in this way. What is happening here in terms of patterns? Your present physical reality is a pattern. We discussed it earlier. Your intended future reality is also a pattern. You want to be in that particular room, but you don’t much care if it takes you 15 or 16 steps, and neither does it interest you what exactly is going on in the rest of the world. The pattern of your intention is fairly narrow but quite intense.

From the moment you have formed your intention, it will begin to resonate with your physical reality pattern. Because it is quite intense, your physical reality will change to a situation which conforms to your intention. This will apply principally to the limited extent of your intention, although some effect on the rest of your reality is inevitable. It is as if your intention acts as an attractive force on your reality to make it fit.

Now, there are many ways of moving from one room to the next. One is to just float through the walls. Another is to walk through the door. Most likely, you will choose to walk through the door. The reason is that your reality also resonates with another pattern: the belief that to get from one room to the other, you need to use the door. Your physical reality needs to be in resonance with your belief, and so you will only allow realities that are allowed by your belief.

Emotions are very basic patterns that permeate our reality patterns. We generally associate certain colors with certain emotions. When you look at different paintings, the artist has often used a different basic set of colors for each, and the paintings may evoke a different feeling or ‘atmosphere’ - another word that points to the omni-presence of feelings.

Because emotions are so basic and simple, they can excite all kinds of patterns. In particular, they can intensify intentions, realities, and other patterns through their interaction with them. When an intention is coupled with strong emotions, its actualization is accelerated.

Human Consciousness in Action

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