The Playground of Consciousness

Part 1: Experiments and Experience

In this first article in the series, we will discuss various experiments from quantum physics and psychic research. We will discover many clues about what lies beyond. We will touch on the nature of time, probabilities and many-worlds.


For the last 300 years, experiments in the physical world have been the main method for learning about the nature of reality. This method has led to great successes: we now have theories that describe nature very accurately indeed. In this class, we will take a look at some physics experiments that give us important clues about the structure of reality.

Science and Consciousness

To understand the entire Kosmos, including our thoughts, emotions, and everything that is thinkable or ‘conceivably conceivable’, we need to take a look at the consciousness side as well. We will look at investigations into the nature of interactions between consciousness and machines, and also at the nature of perception.


In the third and final part of this section, we will look at the experience of consciousness from ‘within.’ We will have a brief look at what mystics and thinkers throughout the ages have shared about their personal experience with consciousness.

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