The Story of Sunshine

Thunder struck by daylight
Commitments broken
Illusions of safety
torn away

The Magic was gone

All that remained
was a bottomless pit
and I was
forever falling
no end in sight
only darkness

Yet the voice inside me
told me it was not so
In the depths of loneliness
it kept me company
In the depths of despair
it gave me hope
In the depths of darkness
it showed me light

For months, I tried
and tried
to restore what had been
but to no avail

Finally I heard
of her new commitment
to another
I knew the time had come
at last
for me to commit
to myself

During those quiet summer days
I found the sun shining happily
I didn’t understand
why people were complaining
about the weather

I looked within
and found beauty
power and ability
but still so fragile
still so weak

But I was no longer alone
Not only was my Voice with me
friends appeared
who supported me
looked after me
cared for me
while I re-built myself

What was I ?
Who was I ?
Why was I ?

the fire inside
became brighter
Every day
the answers
came ever closer

Then one night
engaged in happy conversation
with my friends
from the world all over
my other friends
the birds
announced the coming
of a new day

As the sky brightened
I knew
this was to be
my day

Sunshine was here
at last