So Little

So little I can see of you in this lifetime
So little we can share of all there is to share
So much of you, of me, of us remains hidden
beyond the self-created illusion of seperateness.

A year of time we had.
That is all. No more.
Our time together has passed
In this life of mine.

How I long to remember our time together
when we built the ancient paths
that we have stepped upon not long ago,
when the silent stones who called us
first spoke their wisdom.

How I long to watch us play and laugh,
hurt and grieve, sing and dance,
in a million different lifetimes,
exploring and rejoicing in Who We Are.

How I long to know the depths of you
from which, with the care of another,
creations beyond my comprehension emerge.

How I long to make knowing You
a part of Who I Am.

How I long to know you, feel you, Be you.
How I long to know you as All Of Me knows All Of You,
as All Of Us knows itself.

How I love you.