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"What If You Could Reach Back In Time? What If You Could Change The Past?"

Frequency <div class="panel">

Movie Credits

Directed by
Gregory Hoblit
Written by
Toby Emmerich

Dennis Quaid
Frank Sullivan
James Caviezel
John Sullivan
Shawn Doyle
Jack Shepard
Elizabeth Mitchell
Julia 'Jules' Sullivan
Andre Braugher
Satch DeLeon
Noah Emmerich
Gordo Hersch
Melissa Errico
Samantha Thomas


The story.* Frequency* tells the story of Frank Sullivan and his son John. Frank is a firefighter in the late sixties who spends his evenings talking to people over his HAM radio. Thirty years later, his son John, hooks up the old radio. A radio link is established between father and son that spans three decades. As the two talk, history changes in unpredictable ways.

This movie is one of the mbest illustrations of the nature of history. Our past is not a line drawn with a permanent marker on the map of possible events. Events in the past can change, and that change instantly affects the present.

For the grown up John, these shifts in the past cause momentary dizziness. When his father escapes the fire, his helmet and the glass John was holding both crash to the ground in a symbolic parallel. When Frank burns words into the wooden table, they ‘magically’ appear 30 years later as he and John talk. It is these kinds of small but significant details that make Frequency stand out..