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Field of Dreams

"Is there enough magic in the moonlight out there to make this dream come true?"

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Movie Credits

Directed by
Phil Alden Robinson
Screenplay by
Phil Alden Robinson
Based on a book by
W.P. Kinsella

Kevin Costner
Ray Kinsella
Amy Madigan
Anni Kinsella
Gaby Hoffmann
Karin Kinsella
Ray Liotta
Shoeless Joe Jackson
Timothy Busfield
James Earl Jones
Terence Mann

Shoeless Joe
Shoeless Joe

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The story.* Field of Dreams* tells the story of Ray Kinsella, a corn farmer in Iowa. One day, he hears an announcer’s voice: “Build it and he will come.” He takes the voice’s words to heart and starts building a baseball field on his land. Players from long ago appear, thankful for a chance to play again. His rock solid belief in his intuition, reinforced by a dream he shared with his wife, help him to overcome the disbelief of those around him. He persists even on the brink of bankruptcy. His reward is quite amazing..

This movie shows how trusting your inner voice, and persistently taking action in alignment with your intuition, can lead to remarkable results. The main character, Ray Kinsella watches for signs, listens to clues, and follows them without question. Maybe, when he was facing bankruptcy, his faith was shaken for a while. But then his daughter helps him out: “You don’t have to sell the farm, dad. They will come.”

Together with The two worlds of Jennie Logan, this is one of a handful of movies that mention the phenomenon of shared dreaming. Two people, usually with a close emotional bond, can have exactly the same dream. In this movie, Ray and his wife share a dream of a visit to Boston. With good reason, they see this as a sign to follow through on it.

The movie also illustrates how people can have a different experience of what is real. Ray’s brother-in-law, Mark, can’t see the baseball players. All he sees is Ray’s crazy obsession with this baseball field. Ray also talks to people who have long been dead. Realities of the past blend into the present with different outcomes.

All in all, this is an excellent movie that leaves you with a pleasant feeling that any dream, however impossible it may seem, can and will come true.