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Manifesting Abundance

What is your greatest dream? Imagine everything in your life going absolutely right, what would happen? What would you do? Where would you live? Who would be in your life? Set no limits: let your mind wander freely! What’s the absolutely wildest thing you can imagine right NOW that would help you? Write this down. Know that there is a line of probabilities where all this and more does happen. Know that this line of probabilities is open to you. It’s your choice.

When you never have enough money, one reason is your continued focus on lack of money. You believe you have a lack of money. Change your mindset. The only reason this situation is perpetuating is that you continue to believe in it. It is your way of life. You think of it as something that is a part of your life now. The same is true for any ‘bad’ situation you find yourself in.

Turn that around. When you find yourself thinking about lack of money, take a step back. Unfocus, and remember that your focus is what keeps the lack in place. Remember that by unfocusing, you remove the hold that the situation has on you. There are a million ways in which everything can change in a fraction of a second.

You do not have a money problem. More than that: you never even had a money problem, because that $1,000 was always around the corner. One phone call is enough. One “chance” meeting. One “random” internet search… There are always options. Those options are available to you at all times, and it is up to you to choose them, or not.

Remember that whenever you see yourself choosing lack of money. Just unfocus and remember your options.

Now… if there is one thing I have learnt this year, it is to never set limits, of any kind. There are ALWAYS options, and even if you believe you have the solution, don’t become complacent. Expect even better!

One of the most subtle and invisible ways of setting limits is focusing on one outcome.

Don’t count on your partner to make you happy. Don’t count on that important deal to come through to save your business. Don’t count on your co-workers to make your workplace happier. Don’t count on your boss to get a raise. Any such situation is, after all, only one of infinitely MANY possibilities that are available to make our dreams happen. Allow those other possibilities to continue to grow and bear fruit when their time comes. Don’t stop them in their tracks by saying “Phew… I’ve got a solution. Thanks, other ones, but you can all go home now.”

Don’t count on anyone. You don’t have to. It will happen anyway. Look around and see the abundance of possible solutions, the obvious ones and the not-so-obvious ones. You can name at least 10, easily. How likely or unlikely you think they are is totally irrelevant.

Co-creation happens on a massive scale. Everyone, without exception, rallies around your expectations, and everybody else’s. You make the choices. You set the goals. You draw the line. You decide when you’re satisfied.

Don’t be satisfied too easily!

Also think of your own contribution - your effortless, automatic contribution to others’ lives by doing what you do best. Imagine what it feels like for those thousands or millions who will enjoy the results of your acts. Imagine the possibilities! The growth! The creativity! The joy!

There are no limitations. None. Never be satisfied with what you have. Always expect better to come.

When you have one solution, expect to find another 10. When you have those 10, expect another 100, or 1,000, or…

There is always more.