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The Playground of Consciousness

Articles and essays

My most recent work revolves around Creative Potential Ethics.

Latest Additions

  • The Open Science Project Leveraging the power of the Internet to extend the frontiers of science.
  • Assumptions In Science Assumptions play a central role in science. Care should be taken to not let assumptions turn into self-evident truths.

Abundance and personal empowerment

Creative Potential Ethics

Metaphysics and Meta-Cosmology

  • Beyond the Whole Even so-called holistic theories fail to capture the full extent of the complimentarity between parts and wholes.
  • Reversing the Causal Arrow A possible explanation for our struggles with the apparent distinction between the objective and the subjective.
  • Altered States and the Brain In response to an article on an induced out-of-body sensations, I discuss an alternative explanation for OBE's and other altered states of consciousness.
  • The Brain, Emotions, and Consciousness A continuation of the previous article, that deals with the more metaphysical aspects.
  • Unquestioned Assumptions Even though their acceptance is almost universal in the scientific community - at least officially - there is very little evidence to support them. What if they aren't true?
  • The Primacy of Consciousness It is more logical that matter is a product of consciousness than the other way around.

The Playground of Consciousness

A series of essays I wrote in preparation for a course with the same title that I taught for the University for Metaphysical Studies in Santa Fe, New Mexico.